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About SWARMS and PESTS - Insect problems and pest control

General help and information about honey bees whether swarming or in residence, and how to find help

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Honey bee swarms
A swarm of honey bees is distinctive; in flight, they are like a cloud of bees flying excitedly.
The swarm then clusters into a tight, brown mass of thousands of bees while scout bees fly hither and thither seeking a new home. This takes anything from a few minutes to a few days, but usually a few hours.
Then activity increases, the swarm takes off and heads for its new home.
Getting help
Every effort should be made to preserve honey bees as they are under threat. One of our swarm officers can arrange for safe removal of a honey bee swarm if you are in the Romsey and District area. Please call:
The Romsey Swarm Line on 07469 885597
We cover the area from Broughton round to Braishfield, through Eastleigh, to Cadnam and Landford, up to West Tytherley and Lockerley; and beyond.
Not sure if they are honey bees?
Please click here to go to the excellent British Beekeepers Association website.
There you will see images to help you identify whether the insects you see are honey bees or something else.

At the foot of that web page you can enter your postcode and click a button to find your nearest honey bee swarm collector wherever you are throughout the UK.
When we attend to collect a swarm
You will be asked about the position, size and behaviour of the swarm.
Please be aware that there is normally a small charge to cover expenses. Collecting a swarm requires 2 visits as well as after-care for the bees, and costs mount up.
You will need to provide good directions
When we cannot help
Honey bees can unfortunately build feral colonies in awkward, unwanted places in roofs, loft spaces or within the structure of a building. All measures are taken to save bees, every situation is different. If bees are difficult to reach because of height, building structure or restricted access, a survey is often essential before a solution can be put in place. If we cannot help, we will always try to offer advice on whom to approach for the safe removal and least disruption to your property. Contact our Hon. Secretary at rdbkasec@gmail.com
"Pest" control
Romsey and District Beekeepers' Association does not help with wasps, hornets, house bugs, mice, rats etc. We can suggest bee friendly professional pest control services who can help in that situation. Contact our Hon. Secretary at rdbkasec@gmail.com to discuss your insect issues.