Romsey and District Beekeepers' Association

Education and Training with R&DBKA
Keeping bees is rewarding and there is always more to learn. Attending a beginners' course is an excellent way to find out what is involved, how and where to set up your hive.
Introductory courses for prospective beekeepers are run regularly by local associations, often either as a series of evening classes, or a weekend course, or a one-day 'taster' session.
If a course includes a hands-on session with bees it will often take place in late spring when the bees are active and there is a lot to see.
Our Beginners' Course
We run a 2-day beginners' course with a flexible format that includes essential elements of beekeeping and a visit to the bees in small groups (always a highlight) so that everyone can handle bees. We can lend protective clothing if necessary.
Details are announced towards the beginning of autumn for the following year.
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Beyond Beginner
R&DBKA has its own Association Community Apiary which we use to give beekeepers at all levels the opportunity to learn and progress in small focus groups.
From time to time we organise a range of practical workshops for our members, such as raising new queens, processing wax or honey, or making traps for Asian hornets; or 'Tap and chatter' sessions where we can assemble equipment in a social environment.
Membership Benefits
Whether you are local to Romsey or not, all beekeepers are strongly recommended to join their local beekeeping association.
Membership offers support and advice, training, membership of the county and national associations, and insurance.
For more information about joining Romsey, please go to our "To join us" page. If you are not in the Romsey area, you can find your local association at the BBKA website