Romsey and District Beekeepers' Association

Bee plants in the Romsey district
If you see bees with pollen on their legs you can sometimes tell where they have been by the colour of the pollen collected.
Romsey sits on chalk land with an average low temperate of 4°C in January and average high in July of 22°C, with an annual rainfall around 55cm.
If you live in the Romsey district and want to encourage bees, these plants will grow well and will provide good forage.

Click on the buttons below to see the plants and pollen colours by season in the Romsey area.
Autumn plants:
Golden rod
Solidago species
A weed, at its best in autumn
Hedgerows, woods. Good late source of pollen
Hedera helix
A weed, at its best in autumn
Invasive climber. An important late autumn food source
Honey is typically white, granulates rapidly