Romsey and District Beekeepers' Association

Our 2021 Beginners' Course

Our 2021 course offers a "multi-media" approach that covers all the basics and more and can be started at any time up to the end of summer.

It consists of 12 theory sessions delivered online so that you can choose your own quiet time to watch. We can also arrange Zoom chats to discuss topics. Our beginners have found this flexible approach helpful because everyone has other commitments.

Each beginner receives a folder packed with useful reference material and tips, and a few other bits and pieces to support their learning.

Most importantly, the course includes a practical day to meet in person - with all due precautions - for a spot of revision, some practical work and a visit the bees (always a highlight!).

We always support our beginners when they come to setting up their first apiary or taking their first colony.

Topics included

As well as the full day at Awbridge Village Hall for handling bees and a spot of practical work, our beginners' course includes:

  • The bees' nest - types of hive and how to choose
  • Setting up an apiary - finding a site that's good for bees and safe for those close to it
  • Stings - how to avoid them and what to do if it happens
  • The honey bee colony - what's happening inside the hive
  • Swarming - how to use it to the bees' and your advantage
  • Pests and diseases - health issues for bees
  • Bees, plants and hive products - forage, honey and wax
  • Routine inspections - why and how to check your bees
  • The beekeeping year - winter, spring, summer and autumn
  • Simple honey extraction - how to know whether the bees can spare some honey, and what to do with it
  • Getting started - putting it all into practice

You can enrol on this course at any time up to the end of summer.
If you would like further information, please email gillian.j.bird@btinternet.com

A beginners' course is regarded as essential for anyone embarking on keeping bees. If you are undecided about taking up beekeeping but would like to know more, please consider our taster day.


A 'taster day' is ideal for those who want to know more about bees but are not ready to commit to taking on a colony. Our taster day on Sunday 15th August is fully booked so we are running another on Sunday 22nd August at Awbridge Village Hall from 10:00 till 16:00, costing £60 per person. The morning sessions will cover theory and the afternoon - weather permitting - a visit to the bees.
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