Romsey and District Beekeepers' Association

Feeding sugar to bees
Sometimes bees need a helping hand with their stores. We make sugar syrup and give it to them in feeders. Some important points:
Sugar Ready Reckoner
If you have more than one hive and you are doing the rounds with syrup, you will want to calculate how much syrup to make; otherwise you end up running short or carrying some home. This simple ready reckoner will help you to estimate how much sugar you need to fill your feeders.
Please select the syrup strength and 'Metric' (M) or 'Imperial' (I): (Tip: hover over each option for an explanation)
Enter a number against each type of feeder that you will be filling then click 'CALCULATE' to find how much sugar and water you will need.
Tip - click on the small question marks to see fuller descriptions.
Nuc, 500ml
Contact, 2 pint
Nuc, 1.5 litre
Frame, 2L
Contact, 4 pint
Rapid, 4 pint
English, 4L
Contact, 1 gallon
English , 6L
Ashforth, 2 gallon
Miller, 2 gallon
The results above should be regarded as a guideline. Please click on the 'Contact us' link below if you can suggest improvements to the arithmetic. We appreciate feedback